Monday, November 30, 2009

Hawaii Update

I have not updated this for a while, but I am settled in Hawaii and experimenting with what will grow here. I have some pumpkins, zuchinni, summer squash, snow peas, broccoli, jalapenos, and tomatoes that are in the ground outside. The tomatoes look pitiful, but the pumpkins and broccoli seem to like the weather. Inside I have planted okra, basil, cilantro, and oregano for transplanting outside later. I want to get some carrot seeds in the ground as well, but the soil I am working has a lot of rocks in it - not good for carrots.

It has turned cool here, but it never freezes. I suspect that most things will do well right through the winter, but don't know if it will get warm enough for things like okra. At this point I am more or less experimenting.

I do have several fruit trees in the yard, and can enjoy a fresh-squeezed lemonade pretty much every day.


  1. Robert,

    The blossom end rot on the squash is problably cause by a calcium deficiency. ACE hardware sells a product call Rot Stop, a foliar calcium spray.
    Mike Cox, Anaerobe Systems

  2. Great post. You and your garden seem so serene. I like your plans to grow trees. I have redbud trees growing in the garden around the mature redbud tree. I’m trying to figure out the best time to transplant the seedlings to other places on the property.Ahmedabad Flowers